Nimschu Iskudow

About our Project 

Nimschu Iskudow is the first northern green multi-energy off-grid power plant. It’s integrating wind and biomass energy sources to substitute traditional diesel generator. 

Through the use of innovative control technology and battery system, various sources of renewable energy can be now integrated to assure the guaranteed power of off-grid communities. 

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Whapmagoostui Office: 

P.O. Box 579 

Whapmagoostui, Québec, CANADA J0M 1G0 


P: 819.929.3718 

Montreal Office: 

3333 Queen Mary Road (Suite 580) 

Montreal, Québec, CANADA H3V 1A2 


P: 514.736.0555 • F: 514.670.8119 

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Whapmagoostui First Nation 

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